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the members of ENTEX UK are as follows:

Advanced Bionics Ltd

Grain House telephone: 01223 847888
Great Shelford fax: 01223 847898
Cambridge CB2 5LD e-mail: uk@advancedbionics.com

Arthrocare UK Ltd

St James Business Park telephone: 01423  812743
9 Grimbald Crag Court fax: 01423 888816
Knaresborough e-mail: sales@arthrocareuk.com
HG5 8QB www.arthrocare.com

Axis Medical Ltd

Founded in 1996, Axis Medical supplies speciality products for use in Otolaryngology. These include SerenoCem Ionomeric Bone Cement and Granules, Invotec Blades and Rhinology Splints, Grace Medical Ossicular and Stapedectomy Prostheses, Scopecover Endoscope Sheaths, Ultrabur Stapedectomy Drill, BonAlive bioactive glass septal implants, "Smell Diskettes" and the "Ear Popper"

Unit B, Pine House telephone: 0870 116 3571
Ransom Wood  Business Park fax: 0870 116 3551
Southwell Road, Mansfield e-mail:info@axismedical.co.uk
NG 21 0HJ www.axismedical.co.uk

B Braun Medical Ltd

Aesculap Division telephone: 0114 225 9000
Thorncliffe Park fax: 0114 225 9111
Sheffield e-mail: info.bbmuk@bbraun.com
S35 2PW www.bbraun.co.uk

Cochlear Europe Ltd

Cochlear Logo.jpg (4605 bytes)

Cochlear has enabled over 75,000 severe to profoundly hearing-impaired individuals to hear and remains the market leader, with unrivalled reliability and lifetime support to every Nucleus implant recipient across the globe. With the recent acquisition of Entific Medical Systems (BAHA), Cochlear extends its ability to connect thousands of people to a world of sound and promises to deliver a lifetime of opportunities. Cochlear's promise to 'Hear Now. And Always'  reflects its dedication to durability and service.                                                           
Cochlear Europe Ltd is the global leader in innovative and implantable hearing solutions.   

9 Weybridge Business Park telephone:01932 871509
Addlestone Road fax: 01932 871526
Addlestone e-mail: info@cochlear.co.uk
KT15 2UF www.cochlear.com

Delta Surgical Ltd

Delta Surgical supplies a wide range of ENT products manufactured by Spiggle & Theis which is the largest supplier of ENT products in Germany. Our product range includes: Micro Drill Systems; Burrs; Middle ear implants; Complete range of rhinological and otological disposables; Microscope drapes, etc. We are also very much involved in the supply of neurosurgical products.

Unit 111, The Court Yard telephone: 01270 883342
Redway Green Business Centre fax: 01270 875622

DP Medical Systems Ltd

DP Logo - New.jpg (4326 bytes)

DP Medical Systems Ltd specialise in the supply of ENT equipment to hospitals, trusts, private practices and primary care centres throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. Our product range includes microscopes, rigid & flexible endoscopes, video systems, headlights, light sources, treatment/examination cabinets, patient chairs, stroboscopy systems, magnifying loupes and more.

15a Oakcroft Road telephone: 020 8391 4455
Chessington fax: 020 8397 1262
Surrey e-mail: sales@dpmedicalsys.com
KT9 1RH www.dpmedicalsys.com

DTR Medical Ltd

DTR Medical specialise in high quality innovative sterile single-use ENT instruments that deliver patient and clinical value combined with exceptional levels of service. These include suction handles, for example, Zoellner, Frazier, and Schuknecht as well as specialist products like the Negus Aspirating Dissector. Ear specula and forceps, such as Crocodile, Ormerod and Tilley’s also feature in the range.

DTR Medical also distribute the Micromedics range including the Silverstein Microwick and Vacutract suction system.


Unit 16-18 Clarion Close telephone: 01792 797910
Clarion Court fax: 01792 797955
Enterprise Park e-mail:info@dtrmedical.com
Swansea SA6 8RF www.dtrmedical.com

Exmoor Ltd

wpe10.jpg (2579 bytes)

Exmoor designs, develops, manufactures and markets surgical and microsurgical devices for the ENT discipline. Products offered include Procedure Packs for Myringotomy and Adenotonsillectomy as well as many stand alone single use devices such as Single-Use Suction Tubes, Aural Ventilation Tubes, Therapy Delivery Systems and electrical devices for diathermy. Exmoor also offers a Design and Development service for third parties.

Lisieux Way telephone: 01823-351040
Taunton fax:01823-326240
TA1 2LB e-mail:info@exmoorplastics.co.uk

Forth Medical Ltd


Forth House, 42 Kingfisher Court telephone: 01635 550100
Hambridge Road fax: 01635 550050
RG14 5SJ

GM Instruments Ltd

wpe16.jpg (2229 bytes)

G M Instruments manufacture and supply a unique range of PC based Acoustic Rhinometers, Rhinomanometers, Automatic Screening Audiometers and Respiratory Flowheads. Acoustic Rhinometers and Rhinomanometers are used to quantify the degree of nasal obstruction by Rhinologists, Allergologists, Maxofacial Surgeons and by those investigating sleep problems. Within the field of Occupational health, automatic screening audiometers are used to assess the degree of hearing loss, by taking account of the Health and Safety Executive table of normal values and the age of the subject.
Our respiratory flowheads are used in physiology teaching instruments, in voice assessment systems, and by anyone looking to monitor respiration in animals from baby mice to small horses.

Unit 6 telephone: 01294 554664
Ashgrove Road fax: 01294 551154
Kilwinning e-mail: enquiries@gm-instruments.com
KA13 6PU www.gm-instruments.com

Gyrus International Ltd

Gyrus Inter Ltd Logo_wbg.jpg (3720 bytes)

Gyrus International is a full line supplier of ENT instruments. Having acquired the Richards franchise in 2001 and both the Entermed and Explorent instrument lines in 2003, Gyrus offers a comprehensive portfolio of products for the rhinologist and otolaryngologist. Included within our portfolio is the Diego powered dissector and Smart Piston Stapes replacement.

410 Wharfedale Road telephone: 01189 219700
Winnersh Triangle fax: 01189 219800
Wokingham e-mail: sales@gyrusintl.com
RG41 5RA www.gyrusinternational.com

Kapitex Ltd

Our product range includes the Buchanan Protector, Laryngofoam Filters and Trachi-Naze – the Nasal Function Restoration  system which has been clinically proven to improve blood oxygenation. The Tracheostomy products include the complete range of Tracheostomy tubes from Tracoe: Tracoetwist, Tracoe Comfort, Tracoe Vario (adjustable tracheostomy tube) and Tracoe Mini (for neonates and children). The Passy Muir tracheostomy speaking valve completes the range together with our wide range of Tracheostomy accessories e.g. dressings, holders and cleaning products.We distribute Boston medical products which offer specialist products for rhinology, laryngology and airway management. This includes the Boston Thyroplasty system – with a range of implants in various sizes to fit the individual patients and ensuring good voice quality. Our products forDysphagia management include special drinking cups (Kapi-Cups, Provale Cup) and Ora-Light, an Oral Motor Exercise system. In addition we also offer a range of Communication Products; Electronic Larynx (Servox and NuVois) and Amplification Systems for patients with weak and whisper voice.

1 Sandbeck Way telephone: 01937 580211
Wetherby fax: 01937 580796
LS22 7GH

Laryngograph Ltd

Laryngograph  was founded in 1973.  We produce, distribute and give field support for a range of digital imaging and voice analysis and display equipment in the UK, Europe and across the world. Our products include:

·        Computerised digital video stroboscopic systems - supporting standard PAL/NTSC 3 ccd and also full HD (1920*1080) cameras

·        Computerised FEES systems - that can also capture videofluorographic images and provide biofeedback.

·        USB microprocessor Speech Studio - the world’s most versatile, accurate clinical voice analysis and display system

1 Foundry Mews telephone: 020 7387 7793
London fax: 020 7383 2039
NW1 2PR e-mail: mail@laryngograph.com

Leica Microsystems Ltd

Davy Avenue telephone: 01908 246246
Knowlhill fax: 01908 609992
Milton Keynes MK5 8LB

Litechnica Ltd

Established in 1977, Litechnica offers an extensive range of high-quality surgical products. These include headlight systems, lightcables, lightboxes, smoke evacuators, laser safety eyewear and video systems to suit all budgets.

Kirby House telephone: 020 8577 2450
122 Heston Road fax: 020 8572 8292
Heston e-mail: sales@litechnica.co.uk
TW5 0QU www.litechnica.co.uk

MarGen Medical Ltd

MarGen Medical International was formed in 1991 to specialise in the ENT field. Within the company we have a collective experience of 25 years in technical design, innovation and supply of medical products/services in the ENT field. We supply a range of ENT Treatment Systems, ranging from small mobile ones to complete consulting rooms, each built to the specific requirements of the customer. Examples of installations can be found in the Outpatient Departments at Queen's Medical Centre, Nottingham, Russells Hall Hospital, Dudley and the Royal Glamorgan Hospital. MarGen Medical also offers a full range of ENT instruments, including microscopes, rigid and flexible endoscopes, camera systems, mirror heaters, warm water syringe systems, patient chairs, consultant stools and surgical instruments. 

Crowthorne Enterprise Centre telephone: 01344 751678
Old Wokingham Road fax: 01344 751601
Crowthorne e-mail: info@margenmedical.co.uk
RG45 6AW www.margenmedical.com

Medtronic Xomed

wpeB.jpg (2501 bytes)

Medtronic Xomed, synonymous with ENT surgical device innovations. Our products include the XPS3000 microdebrider and mastoid drill system, NIM for facial and laryngeal nerve monitoring, MicroFrance instruments, Titanium otologic prostheses, HYAFF Biomaterials and Meniett.

Suite One, Sherbourne House telephone: 01923 212213
Croxley Business Centre fax: 01923 241004
WD18 8WW www.xomed.com

Network Medical Products Ltd   

NetWork Medical Products Ltd has established itself as a provider of PVA Nasal packing sponges, Ventilation Tubes, Myringotomy Blades, Single Use Micro Drills and External Nasal Splints. We also have our own clean rooms which recently have become useful for other companies to use for small volume packaging.            

The Coach House telephone: 01765 609555
Phoenix Business Centre fax: 01765 608476
HG4 1NS www.networkmedical.co.uk

Options Medical Ltd

Options Medical Limited, suppliers of ENT Diagnostic Treatment Systems since 1999, have an extensive and growing portfolio of products for the complete ENT suite solution. Our range includes the exclusive UK distribution of ATMOS products, the Celon RFITT device and our latest addition, Ivalon® Fibre-Free surgical packings.

We are also pleased to be able to offer an extensive range of ENT surgical instruments, patient chairs & stools, diagnostic microscopes, cameras/ strobes, digital imaging/ image capture storage systems, and the latest technology in cordless examination headlights. For further details please contact our customer service team.

16 Katana House, Fort Fareham

telephone: 0870 242 3717

Newgate Lane

fax: 0870 242 3718
Fareham e-mail: info@optionsmedical.com
PO14 1AH www.options-medical.com

Promed Ltd

116A High Street telephone: 01487 842842
Somersham fax: 01487 843060
Cambridgeshire e-mail: richard@promedltd.com
PE28 3EN www.promedltd.com

Sheffmed Trade Services Ltd

Sheffmed Trade Services Ltd logo

Sheffmed specialise in single use and reusable ENT instruments / suctions. We are also the UK distributor for Xion Endoscopy Systems and endoscopes. 

Unit A, 40 Clifton Street   telephone: 0114 261 7161
Don Valley fax: 0114 261 0161
Sheffield  e-mail: sales@sheffmed.com
S9 2DQ  www.sheffmed.com 

The Tristel Company Ltd

The Tristel Wipes System is a practical and highly effective way to decontaminate heat sensitive, non-lumened instruments if endoscope washer-disinfectors, sinks or water supplies are not available. Moreover, it can be incorporated into the Traceability System, which provides the unique possibility to ensure the quality and effectiveness of manual processing of instruments.

The Tristel Wipes System comprises Pre-Clean Wipes, Sporicidal Wipes and Sterile Rinse Wipes.

Lynx Business Park telephone: 01638 721500
Fordham Road fax: 01638 721911
Snailwell e-mail: mail@tristel.com
CB8 7NY  


Welch Allyn UK Ltd

Cublington Road telephone: 0207 365 6780
Aston Abbotts fax: 0207 365 9694
Bucks e-mail: welchallynuk@welchallyn.com
HP22 4ND


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