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         suitability of venue There should be easy access for loading and unloading, with lifts available where necessary; storage facilities should be available for equipment sent in advance, with a concierge responsible for its receipt; adequate security should be provided during the meeting; parking should be available at reasonable cost, as should suitable overnight accommodation (where relevant).


         adequacy of space There should be a minimum of 2 chair-widths between stands (except where there is a shell scheme), at least one power-point per stand (or a supply of extension leads), and a floor plan showing stand allocation should be provided.


         date of meeting As far as possible clashes with and proximity to other meetings should be avoided.


         food/refreshments These should be within the exhibition area, and serving time should be as short as possible. Delegates should not be forced to leave the exhibition venue to seek refreshments. Refreshments should be available to exhibitors as well as delegates (normally 2 per exhibitor)


         exhibition viewing There should be at least 2 hours per day potential exhibition viewing time for delegates. A timetable should be published, and should be adhered to. If scientific sessions over-run, time should not be taken out of breaks to make it up. Delegates should be actively encouraged to visit the exhibition, with incentives if possible.


         information for exhibitors Delegates should be supplied with badges carrying their name and hospital (in LARGE type). There should be an estimate (in advance) of the number of exhibiting companies and delegates expected to attend, and, afterwards, a list (with hospital addresses) of those who actually attended.


         fees Exhibition fees should take into account the number of exhibitors as well as the number of delegates, i.e. the more exhibitors, the lower the cost.


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